Registered Surveying Firm #10054400
President: Steve Williams, RPLS
Vice President: Henry Mayo, RPLS
3452 Rock Prairie Road West
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: 979-693-2777, 979-777-1426

A History of Service

Since its incorporation in 1963, JOI has been the top name in the city of College Station for providing quality land surveys. The company was started by two Aggies: Joseph A. “Joe” Orr ‘22, an engineer and professor who served 25 years on the College Station City Council, and David R. Mayo ‘58, a veteran who polished his trade in the US Army then returned to A&M to complete his engineering degree and become a registered land surveyor. Before the incorporation, Mr. Orr already had over 30 years of surveying experience, including the original City Limits of College Station in 1938. Their vast experience, high level of professionalism and sense of quality work built the foundation of our reputation today.

As the area has developed, JOI has too, and we continue perform a variety of services for the City of College Station. We value our relationships with our clients and work toward long-term partnerships, not a quick buck. We are a life-long member of the community, and always strive to perform quality surveys that we know will be utilized for development projects many years into the future. It is rare that JOI is hired for a new project that we have not already worked on or adjacent to.

Extensive Historic Archives

A topographic survey underway in Northgate

Joe Orr, Inc. maintains a 50+ year archive of surveying and engineering documents of their extensive work in the Bryan-College Station area. These include not only original JOI plats, plans, CAD files, fieldbooks, and correspondence, but also thousands of local plats, right-of-way maps and deeds from other public and private sources. In many cases, JOI has some of the only legible copies of plats to be found. We also have several historic Abstract maps, Texas A&M College property maps, and railroad & highway right-of-way maps. Although some of these are over 100 years old, their information is still referenced on current deed and easement documents, especially in the rural areas that College Station and Bryan are rapidly expanding into. Requests for our historic map, deed and easement information often come from other surveyors, City staff, local media and interested citizens.